TOP PICKS plus…Additions for WKEND (8/14)
August 13, 2009, 5:02 pm
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FRI. (8/14) –  School of Seven Bells @ South Street Seaport MNH 4 FREE (6p to 9p)…

<WACK! I was worried about “the girls” voices but they sounded good!  Stage mix was AWFUL!  Dude’s guitar was way too f88kin loud, sounded like a muddled mess.  Too many slower tempo tracks as well.  The night time weather was amazing though.  It was a bad top pick.  At least it was free…barely…my ears are killing me.  -AV>

Band = 1.8/5…Weather/Location = 4/5

—> 2nd wind:  Labyrinth @ Rubin Museum of Art 150 W 17th Street MNH 4 FREE with $7 bar minimum (9:30p–11p)

SAT. (8/15) – Gawker Artists presents Mom & Popism @ Gawker Rooftop, 210 Elizabeth St, 4th Floor MNH 4 FREE (noon–4p)

—> 2nd wind: Animal Collective @ Prospect Park, BK 4 FREE (5:30p)<due to it not being free (as going.com reported), I no longer fully endorse. -AV>

—> 3rd wind: “B.I.G. PIMPIN’ “-B.I.G. & Jay-Z tribute party w/ DJ’s Spinna & Scratch @ The DUMBO Loft 4 $N/A (10:30p – 2a)

SUN. (8/16) – Del the Funky Homosapien and Prince Paul (DJ Set) @ East River State Park – 90 Kent Ave., BK 4 FREE (2p)

<WAKE UP! Who slept on this event yesterday?!  Tsk, tsk.  For shame.  Def a top pick (as I pat myself on back) but that still only leaves me 1-1 for this weekend’s top dogs…deets to come. 

Updat3:  So yea, it was hot and humid as a muh’ahfuh but, the occasional breeze and few spots of shade made the weather barely bareable.  You just had to buckle down and embrace the sweat.

To be honest, I really didn’t give a sh*t about the opening acts but I am always down to check out something new…unfortunately this was the wrong muthafu88in day for that.  Whoever they were (check site) they sucked!  I could take time and describe it but…just take my word for it.

And then…the sh*t hit the fan…Prince “the dude behind the dudes” Paul came out accompanied by his daughter to blow the roof off this outdoor event.  Armed with his digital DJ set up (I’ll let this slide…it is PP after all), Paul LITERALLY played a half hour of the JAMS.  Some you have heard all over town before and the others were just classics played at the right time and place (sunset on the water’s edge coming down over Manhattan skyline = priceless).  However, the fact that Paul was in control made every track resonate that much more.  It’s not often that you hear a DJ’s set in which the artist of every single track played can also be found in said DJ’s Blackberry.  He is official!  What can I say…his mixes = on point, song selection = top notch, presence = felt.  If he wasn’t slightly ahead of my ‘hip hop’ time, Prince Paul would easily be in my top 5 hip hop artist section.  Now he’ll just have to settle to be in my top 10.  It was a show on it’s own.  Then…..

The Funkiest Homosapien hit the stage….D-E-L.  I’ve been tracking Del since his 2nd album (No Need for Alarm) but’ve never seen him live til now.  Blessed with one of the most unique vocal chords, Del knows what it’s like to be f88kin MC.  Dressed in a kangol with some big ass shades, the fiercely independent producer/rapper’s  flow was like an aqueduct and his stage presence commanded.  Even his hype man was pretty dope (rare).  Assisted by his skilled DJ,  he ran through tracks from ‘No Need’ to his free CD to Deltron stuff and ended with the verse that lined  his pockets (and earned him a Grammy nod) from the Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwood”.  In between songs, he would drop straight nuggets of truth about artistry and industry that not only ring true because of his unblinking delivery but because of his tenure over an 18+ year career.  All this, and not to mention his involvement with the unforgettable Hieroglyphics crew.  Dude is SOOO talented (check it).  So, there was a hiatus between my intro to Del up to now…but after today I wanna be part of the species again…AV the heterosapien has a pretty nice ring.  -AV>

Artist = 4.5/5…Weather = 4.0…Location = 4.2/5


* Global Intergalactic Planetary

Fri., Aug 14, 2009 9p–5a

The Danger, 342 Maujer St., Bushwick, Brooklyn

This is a simple, cheap and easy house-party.  Bring your own beverages and share with your new best friends.  Food and drink will be provided for the early arrivals.

The Planetary:  Music from Across the Planet

Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew have packed the national stadium for performances in their home country of Sierra Leone. They blend the swagger and funk of hip-hop, the passion and energy of dancehall, and the socially conscious vibe of reggae. ?uestlove, the Roots, Talib Kweli, K’Naan, Res, and El-P have contributed their vocal and/or production talents to their upcoming release.

Plus music from Zimbabwe to Bali and everywhere in between from Akim Funk Buddha, The Two Griots, dj’s $mall Change, Sirak and Prolific spinning into the late night.

The Intergalactic : Performance from Other Worlds

The Lady Circus performs overhead with aerial acts along with spontaneous floor performances and other acts of anti-gravity action. ://grove.nyc provides photon bending art projections as Swiss Chris plays  his extragalactic light percussion show.

Suggested donations for entry:
$10 for the Intergalactic (dress in your best extra-planetary formal wear)…..<wtf?>
$15 for the Earth-bound <….wow! an extra $5 fee for wanting to stay on Earth for the night…godamn intergalactic alien capitalists. -AV>

For full details see: http://www.africagalactica.com/


* Universal Hip Hop Parade

Sat., Aug 15, 2009  3p – 6p

Marcus Garvey Boulevard at De Kalb Avenue
167 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York 11216



* Rock the Block BK 2009

Sat., August 15, 2009  noon – 4a

The DUMBO Loft – 155 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Rock the Block Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s largest urban artist emergence will ROCK, the Pearl Street Triangle in DUMBO Brooklyn, August 15th, 2009.  This artist emergence event combines arts in all mediums from live painting to fashion, photography, and performance art, is delivered complete with an arts marketplace.

Full details – http://www.rocktheblockbk.com

note: No one under 21 years old will be admitted.

VIP ALL ACCESS TICKETS which entitles you access to all ROCK THE BLOCK BK 2009 events is only $20 ONLINE!  This includes the ROCK THE BLOCK BK 2009 CONCERT : THE SHOW, THE VIP AFTER PARTY and B.I.G vs. JAY Z – A Musical Tribute.

<The BIG vs. Jay Z concept sounds like the freshest part of the day….that may be a 3rd winder (see below). -AV>

<updat3: Didn’t make it to late party (“I’m getting too old for this sh8t” -Sgt. Roger Murtaugh, Lethal Weapon) but  I did make a run out there during the day.  Came across a small market, digital DJ (no TTs – weak) and not many people.  Ulterior motive to come out here was that it is my favorite (no lie) park in NYC.  Empire State Fulton Park…recognize!  Small fashion show going on outdoors, nothing too impressive really.  It was Beautiful day.  -AV>

Event (portion) = 2.5/5…Weather/Location = 4 /5


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