Current ALpod audio favorites….
August 18, 2009, 7:08 pm
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<Tickle your eardrums with these little feathers.- AV>

1.  “Evil Deeds” (Ghostface Killah and RZA (featuring Havoc) – Wu Tang, Chamber Music

<Ghost completely obliterates it on his introducing verse, the chant-like hook is one of the sickest of the year and Havoc brings his A plus + plus game (Prodigy who?).  I haven’t liked a WU album this much since The W. -AV>

2.  “Do It” (feat. La Coka Nostra) – Soul Assassins, Intermission

<I was a lil skeptical about this “supergroup” (just like I am about the Slaughterhouse sh*t) but this track puts the bang in banger.  Ill Bill kills.  Beat is dope and other emcees’ (let me know who raps on this) voice and flow do a bit of their own slashing. -AV>

siren13.  “Anything Goes”  (ft. Turbulence) – Major Lazer,  Guns Don’t Kill People– Lazers Do

<I am feeling this whole project!  Diplo and Switch bring back my love for dancehall with their added twists.  Stutters, tweaks and electro sounds update that island sound.  Turbulence’s (?) voice is massif on this one and the spacey ragga beat fits perfectly.  DL trax 1, 2, 3 plus this one for starters…-AV>

4.  “Dilla Bot vs. The Hybrid” (ft. Danny Brown & Constantine) – Dilla, Jay Stay Paid

<I never heard of these mic holders before now but, most things Dilla signs off on are like a referee…official!  This is no exception.  The full LP was mixed by none other than Pete Rock himself (maybe I’ll ask him how that went tonight -see today’s party below….Updat3: Pete Rock was replaced by DJ Scratch @ event).  Whole album is what you have come to expect from JD…excellence. -AV>

5.  “Intermission” (feat. RZA, Rev William Burk, Planet Asia and B-Real) – Soul Assassins, Intermission

<Usually don’t like to put two trax from the same project on here but couldn’t decide which one I have been listening to more (Updat3: Been feeling this one more).  Fortunately, on the ol’ alpod they are back to back so I don’t have to choose.  Anyway, the lyricism and flow from each of these dudes is insane.  RZA (as usesh) shows why he is my top pick for best all around hip hop artist.  This new gun Rev. Burke was really, really…really impressive (hit rewind), Asia’s short burst may just be the illest on here but B-Really took it to the next level with an updated flow on this track that demos a tight ass rhyme pattern with a touch of venom making him sound hungrier than an lion at a zoo in Afghanistan (zing!). -AV>


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Yello .. Seems like a bunch of things I’ll check out … Much better love the zing and thee zang … I’m ready to head out to NY ..

Comment by Nicobra

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