TOP PICKS plus…Additions for WKEND (8/21)
August 20, 2009, 4:03 pm
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FRI. (8/21) –  GIANT STEP Melting Pot Global and Giant Step Present Karizma @ Water Taxi Beach At South St. Seaport (Pier 17) 4 $10 after 8p (6p – 3a)

<I have yet to regret going to a NYC Giant Step party (except the one where I was next in line to get in, but didn’t…b/c of capacity restrictions…f88kin fire safety!).  The Seaport (River to River events) ain’t to shabby either.  1 + 1 = 2.  -AV>

<Updat3: I’m no mathemagician but there was some fuzzy numbers being thrown around earlier (yes, by yours truly).  After checking out this party, I was forced to rearrange the equation…subtract -1 (b/c headlining DJ Karizma didn’t show up) and another -1 (b/c it wasn’t the traditional Seaport venue) equals negative $11 bux (cost of cab to get down here…ugh).

Showed up close to 11p and it was empty.  I’d never been to this poor man’s version of my beloved  LIC WTB locale and, for at least the rest of this season, I don’t think I’ll return.  At the door, the promoters were nice enough to have a sign informing guests that DJ Karizma would not be spinning tonight.  So if I was on the fence before, the decision had just been made for me.  We out!!!  2nd cab of night.  Ratings non-applicable.  -AV>

–> Last Minute 2nd wind: Dub War Summer Session @ Love (179 MacDougal St.) 4 $15 or $10 before midnight

<A last minute scramble ushered me to Love.  I had seen a few parties listed here before but, up to this point I had been a virgin to the venue.  Outdoor entrance is crazy low key so keep your eye out.  It’s easy to miss.

Ok, so imagine this…you walk down the stair case into a bar area, all of a sudden you are transported back in time to the Stone Age era (at least it looks that way).  The walls/decor of this spot look literally like left over movie props from The Flintstones or Land of the Lost.  From the over-sized “ferns” on the wall down to the uncomfortable rock furniture and cave man like love pits you can’t help but think that you may be on display at the Natural History Museum’s homo erectus exhibit.  I’m not knocking it…I just wasn’t expecting it……at all!

Despite the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme the night actually turned out to be pretty damn-ass good.  I’m really getting with this dub step sh*t…check track #2…please.

This wasn’t your traditional clubby club music (thank god).  The beats were slow and low (“that is the tempo”).  Along with some broken hip hop, the highlight was an emcee who laid down these lo-fi, reverb washed vocals over the trax which helped push his set to 11.  It was dope!  I could’ve jammed out with some clams out (metaphor) all night but…I didn’t wanna get too greedy.  We had just made lemonade out of lemons g’damnit!…unfortunately, we ran out of cups.  3rd cab, anyone?

It was a good night AND a good test for A1Va1 to see if the list could hold up to a last minute, on the fly change up in plans..wheef! Def came thru.  So the lesson is…when in doubt, don’t be afraid to go against your best judgment and force a good night out these last day’s of summer.  -AV>

Artist/Event = 3.4/5       Weather = 3/5       Location = 3/5

SAT. (8/22) – Party Warm Up feat. Tim Love Lee w/ Talibam! and the Phenominal Handclap Band @ P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (22-25 Jackson Ave, LIC, NY) 4 $10

<A friend of mine, who I’ll refer to as my NYC umbilical cord and who I ran into this week (love ya K.T), knows someone is TPHB and has been asking me to check them out.  The good news is that they have also been creating a pretty nice hum around town (my  NYC UC also told me that David Byrne/Bono or some sh*t has signed off on them (?).  The bad, I have never heard the actual music.  I thought this Sat. might be a good time to kill 2 birds with 1 stone as I  have yet to check out a PS1 party this year (a summer ’08 fave).  *Heat and rain alert*  -AV>

—> 2nd wind:  Rooftop Films and The Fledgling Fund present THE END OF THE LINE @ The Beach at Governor’s Island.  There is a covered tent area and the show goes on rain or shine.   8:00PM: Doors open   8:30PM: Sound Fix presents live music by The Red Hook Ramblers  9:00PM: Film 4 $12 online or at the door

<“Imagine our world without fish…” ahh…attention grabber huh…read more.  Beach movie on Governor’s Island sounds sweet!  Rooftop Films = good organization.  Take a date, go support and the girl (or guy) is yours!  Side note: Movie’s subject may be sort of a downer  but most important things are (sigh).- * Mugginess Alert*  AV>

<Updat3:  Note from Rooftop Films organizers.-AV> FILM RESCHEDULED: Due to riptides and potentially heavy rains, flooding and dangerous seaside conditions relating to Hurricane Bill, Saturday’s screening on Governor’s Island will be rescheduled for September 4th at the same location.

SUN. (8/23) The Hudson Blues BBQ Festival @ Pier 54 (at W. 14th St.) 4 FREE – Food pay as you go (2p – 9p)

<Have been jonsing (with a capital JO) for a BBQ this summer and have yet to complete the mission….I am hoping (fingers crossed) that Pier 54 will have the cure for this summertime chicken and ribs fiend.  Dinosaur BBQ will be providing eats.  I hear they are good.  *Heat and rain alert* -AV>

<Update3:  MISSION COMPLETE!  BBQ was in full e-f-f-e-c-t this day!  It was worth the wait (both in terms of the actual line for food and finally getting a to a bbq this summer).  The location (as many are in NYC) was one of a kind.  They had converted an entire pier into a party space that jutted over the ocean providing some really nice (or as nice as possible)  views of Jersey.  Ill!  Started with a Dinosaur BBQ pulled pork sandwy w/ some sauce on the side.  Very, very tasty!  They had 5 different BBQ companies come out.  So after a Guiness and half a Harp, I decided to let the gluttony take over and had another sandwich.  This time it was a brisket sandwich (?) w/ a corn on the cob chaser.  Don’t remember where I got it from, but it def was not as good as Dino.  Next!

Although the star of the show was the grub, the blues soundtrack that accompanied this festive day came in at a very close 2nd place.  From the one-man blues artist to the 4 person, female lead group…the music was the perfect backdrop to the sights and smells of the day.  It sounds a lil stereotypical to lump the blues and BBQ together, but after having experienced a day like this…gimme a full rack, banjo and a bib.  Mama I’m coming home. -AV>

Artist/Event = 3.7/5       Weather = 3/5       Location = 3.8/5

—> pre-party:   Cine-Brunch: Don’t Look Back (Bob Dylan doc) @ (Le) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St.) 4 FREE (12:30p)

—> 2nd wind:  BK PoP… A PoP Up Experience Shop @ The Dumbo Loft (155 Water St., BK) 4 FREE w/ RSVP to http://www.going.com/BKPoP (2p – 7p)

<Back to back weekends that there is something going on out here…but again, I can’t really tell what it is.  May just be another trek out to Empire Fulton St. Park (see last wkend).  Not complaining.  *Heat and rain alert* -AV>


* RECESS Table Tennis

Sat., Aug 22, 2009 noon–5p

Colonel’s Row, Governor’s Island

“RECESS is back this Saturday August 22nd at Colonels Row, this time with a sandpaper paddle table tennis challenge. The game itself is currently going through a renaissance but for the RECESS showdown, we’ve decided to put a little twist on the game, a sandpaper version that will even the playing field and co-ed friendly. As usual, 32 teams from the creative community will be battling their way to the finals, but there will also be open public tables to test your skill at the sport, paddles provided”.

<Would love to check out these PUMA bikes.  If I don’t make it to this week’s they have another event next month where it is a ‘BOCCE BALL’ day.  Maybe we’ll make a team.  Who’s in?? Check RECESS for details.  -AV>


* Soul Summit Music Festival

Sun., Aug 23, 2009 3–8p

Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn

The Festival is always free and open to the public. The Festival showcases artist of various backgrounds including
Djs, bands, dance companies, fashion designers, filmmakers and photographers just to name a few.

<2nd rate park festival? Lemme know.  -AV>


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