TOP PICKS for WKEND (8/28)
August 28, 2009, 2:36 am
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<F hurricane Danny (unless it hits land)…you should NOT be indoors all weekend.  Too much stuff going on.  My bad for all the top picks..I couldn’t decide.  The world is your oyster my friends.  -AV>


FRI. (8/28) –  Hapa Kitchen Luau / Pig Roast @ BKLYN Yard (388-400 Carroll St btw Bond and Nevins, BK) 6p-9p 4 FREE…$10 for a full dinner + one free Sixpoint beer

—> pre-party:  Clipse @ J & R Musicfest (23 Park Row and City Hall Park) 6p 4 FREE

—> 2nd wind:  Film: Tron @ Rubin Museum of Art (150 West 17th St.) 9.30p-11p 4 FREE with $7 bar minimum

SAT. (8/29) – Spike Lee presents…Michael Jackson Tribute @ Nethermead (Prospect Park, BK) 12p-5p 4 FREE

<Updat3:  This party flew under my radar til last Wednesday so I didn’t even get a chance to get amped about it.  But once I heard that Spike Lee had a hand in putting together the festivities on what would have been MJ’s 51st B-day; I thought this might very well be the “SHA’ MON” of Michael Jackson tribute parties.

Since event organizers were expecting 10K attendees the party was moved from the smaller Ft. Greene Park to the non-bandshell side (Nethermead) of Prospect .  I arrived, with only a little over an hour before the event was scheduled to close, and was immediately greeted by that familiar voice.  I followed the echoing bass line from “Beat It” as it carried me up and down the slopes of the park.  As I reached the source of the music, people of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and attitudes stood shoulder to shoulder with one common purpose…to hear, sing, dance and feel all things Michael.

It was an impressive sight.  The field was more packed than a bong in B-Real’s dressing room.  There were thousands of 8 – 80 year olds all dressed in some kind of MJ shwag making the best of a moist and overcast day.  Merchants were selling home-made, Chinese-made, Katmandu-made tchotchkes with everything from MJ’s face on shoe laces to a 21 year young woman who wouldn’t budge from her asking price of $250 for her painting of Michael sitting on a thrown with a slighted tilted crown.  A fellow attendee even offered her $150 for it!  Impersonators from all of Michael’s phases walked the grounds getting ‘fans’ almost as excited as if they were the real thing.  You had ‘Off the Wall’ afro in a tux Michael, white V-neck tee ‘Dirty Diana’ Michael, red jacket ‘Beat It’ Mike and finally this dark dude in white face paint that instead of ‘lightening’ his skin actually turned him gray…so I was thinking…zombie Michael from ‘Thriller’ (??)  I was wrong.  The vibe was absolutely festive.  However, I thought there were a few things a miss.  For example (just ideas), there was no look-a-like/moonwalk/dance contests, no guest speakers (Al Sharpton? Really??), no food, no drinks, no designated dance space, no video clips, no speeches, no eulogies, no giveaways, no auctions, no presentations, no lines for the bathroom (thought I’d throw in a good one) and worst of all, the party ended on a plain flat note.  Spike came out and pretty much booted everyone from the park.

One of the saving graces was the mobile stage and sound.  The sound system was on point.  MJ’s classic joints sounded impeccable blasting over the speakers.  The few remixed trax I heard were a good way to keep die hard fans on their toes (literally).  During DJ Spinna’s MJ set I came to realize how many of my fave trax are from the pre-‘Off the Wall’ era.  He had such a flawless voice.  He sounded like he could hit any note on the scale back then.  That is not to take away from the dozens of incredible compositions that this man (with or without a team) was able to craft and record.  From ballads, to dance trax, to socio-political/unifying concepts and everywhere/anything in between, he was one of the few people on this planet that at many points in our lifetime had the voice, moves, presence, confidence and overall ability to touch people from all continents through his words, melodies and music.  RIP MJ.

I don’t know if this was the party’s purpose (I’m sure organizers will disagree) but what really made the day were the ACTUAL event goers.  And far and few happenings can boast something like that.  So even though it looked like Spike had put more into a 15 second Nike spot than “his” event….the crowd didn’t seem to mind.  But, I did.  Still…the vibe was so good, I felt lucky to have gotten a chance to go out and enjoy.  –AV>

Event = 3.1/5       Weather = 2.3/5       Location = 3.4/5

—> pre-party:  KRS-One & Buckshot @ J & R Musicfest (23 Park Row and City Hall Park) 1p 4 FREE

—> 2nd & 3rd winds:  Rocks Off presents…Amon Tobin @ Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series (World Yacht Marina, Pier 81 – 41 St & the West Side Highway) 10.15p 4 $30/pp

—> Honorable Mention:  Q-Tip with Mark Ronson Presents: Long Live the King! (MJ Tribute) @ Nokia Theatre (1515 Broadway) 10p 4 $25

SUN. (8/30) – Charlie Parker Jazz Fest @ Tompkins Square Park – 3p 4 FREE

<Updat3:  Ahhhhh…..Jazz in the park.  Great day.  Just enough leg room.  Weather was awesome!

Boozed boy blacksout on blanket beneath breeze.  Belly bursting from Birdie’s but back before bossanova begins.  Basslines boom, brain be bruised but blues brushed behind because bro be blessed by basically being alive.  -AV>

—> pre-party:  Film: Cine-Brunch – Some Like It Hot (Billy Wilder, 1959)@ (Le) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St.) 12.30p 4 FREE

—> 2nd wind:  The Cool Kids @ SOB’s (204 Varick St.) 9p 4 $18

—> Honorable Mention:  Grizzly Bear @ East River State Park (90 Kent Ave., BK) 3p 4 FREE

<updat3:  Didn’t make it , but check pics from event…via Brooklynvegan.com…Is that my fiance Beyonce in the crowd?!?  -AV>


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Ahhhh..alliteration…That was great… and can’t wait RAekwon?!?

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