September 4, 2009, 9:51 pm
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<You can’t spell “Party w/ Nic and AV” without Nic and AV!>

*Doc Holliday’s – 2for1 ’til 8p
141 (9th st) Avenue A,

*Key bar- 2for1 ’til 8p
432 (b/w 1st and ave A) E 13th St

<Updat3:  What, what!  Love this joint.  J.G couldn’t make it….I see you though.  The two-fers were officish.  You buy any drink @ any price.  They give you a card with the dollar amount you spent, redeem when your done with 1st round…rinse and repeat.  Til 10p.  Cool spot too.  It stands on its own b/w 1st and A, wasn’t crazy crowded especially for Friday night.  Pretty dark inside with 2 communal seating areas and a bar w/ about 6 stools.  I’ve been here in the winter and their fire place kicks ass.  -AV>

Quick rating: 4/5

*Boxcar Lounge – 2for1 ’til 8p
168 (b/w 10th and 11th Sts) Ave. B

*Whiskey Town – $2 off eything ’til 9p
29 (2nd ave) E 3rd St

<Updat3: Newww Shi*it! (Slam poet style)  First timer and give it 2 thumbs.  I mean 2 bux off a good $7 whiskey makes it taste that much sweeter.  And boy did the bartender know his bourbons, whiskeys, ryes, uppers, downers and all arounders.  After teaching us about the differences and recommending a great drink to me (sux I can’t recall name), he comped their trademarked marquee libation…a whiskey shot chased with a shot pickle juice.  Off the meat rack!  The juice cools the alcohol’s burn and mellows out the punch.  Great call my man.  Will def be back.  Oh, and decor was nice too.  Neat and tidy with a blasting a/c.  2 for 2 tonight.

P.S – Nicobra strikes again.  Even after catching a 7am flight this morning, putting more miles on her elephants than she thought possible and her anxieties to rest…she outlasted the mighty AV (pu**y).  You better watch out NYC…there’s a snake  in your backyard.  Hissss!  -AV>


Quick rating: 4/5


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