The mental/liver workout with nicobra…act II
September 5, 2009, 4:13 pm
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<WARP on the brain.  -AV>

* Crosby & Miz Metro Presents ”A-NY Minute pt.2 Hip-Hop HOWL! Live Mixtape Showcase @ Tompkins Square Park (E. 7th Street (btwn Ave. A & B) 5PM-7PM 4 FREE

<I came out with Nicga Dog to show her what makes summer time in NYC so live.  The parks.  And the jams they have in them.  We walked in from a side street where visual artists had set up white vinyl sheets on the park’s chain linked fence to paint on.  The work ranged from amateur to some nice pieces.  Beside the basic expression of art, the real benefit was the nice vibe these artists were adding to Thompkins Park today.  Between the beats, showcase and art….it’s started out (and continued) to be a nice day.

I was actually bruised up from the night before (see below) so I had come out today with the idea to crack open the blanket, a brew and catch some outdoor Zzz’z for the night’s festivities.   The Cobra didn’t seem to like it when I let her in only my little plan by saying, “Ok Nic…now don’t talk to me for the afternoon because I’m gonna talk a nap”.  Quite the tour guide, I know.  I heard a couple of the acts before I dozed off and it sounded pretty good.  When I came to, Nic told me she had walked around (thanks for leaving me unattended), bought a couple wares from the local ring merchant and walked up to the stage.  So it was a win-win for both of us.  I was ready to get WARPED and Nic’s fingers looked extra stylish.  So I rounded the elephants up, hopped in a cab and rushed to the Financial Winter Garden thinking we were late.  We were actually very, very far from being late.  I think we were the 10th ones there to be exact.  -AV>

Quick rating: 3.1/5

* Warp20 featuring Clark / Hudson Mohawke / Warp DJs @ The Winter Garden World Financial Center (200 Vesey St.) 7p 4 FREE

<Out of WARP FEST 2009, this was the event that I was most looking forward to.  I have a couple Hudson Mohawke trax and a Clark album from when he was known as Chris Clark.  They are both impressive in terms of style and sound plus they got Warp to co-sign.  Accredited!  Side note: I must say that dropping the Chris from his name upped Clark’s mystique a bit.  Next….Hudson Mowhawke.

Most producer/DJs have the advantage that they can choose what kind of showcase they wanna bring on a given night.  They can break out some vinyl, hook up their Serato or Ableton and finally (my favorite) produce live compositions using synths/samplers/pc.  I’m not exactly sure what Hud Mo’s setup was about.  He had the new DJ rig “cornerstone” (the fabled Mac/PC), what looked like a sophisticated mixer or MIDI controller and turntables (I think).  From my vantage point he moved like Rain Man bouncing to the beat as he flawlessly blended together trax or pieces of trax keeping his keen ear on how the overall mix was sounding to the audience. After the show, I read up on him a lil bit and the almighty intraweb said he was the youngest UK DMC finalist ever.  But, I never saw any indication of that.  No cuts, scratches, double ups….nothing. He seemed to work the ‘mixer’ more than anything else, pumping the bass up when it needed it, cutting the mid frequencies so they wouldn’t clash all while keeping the flow going over experimental-ish 4/4 beats.

As always at this spot….the venue was the real star.  For those of you who haven’t been….Drop. Everything. Right. Now. And check out what other events they have planned here.  The place is amazing.  It’s like a mixture of a high class mall, financial center, boat dock and converted concert hall.  It was my 3rd time to this venue and I love it more each time.  We arrived a little before sundown and the 3-story high glass structure (kind of like a greenhouse) was catching the light as the sun descended.  As night time arrived, the multi-colored lights from the stage replaced this natural light and the party really got started.  I didn’t know there was waterfront property out back until I stumbled outside looking for a bathroom.  Wow!  One of the most impressive sunsets I’ve seen here in NY showed up.  Purples, pinks, ambers and blues…it reminded me of my South Florida home.  The sun came down over the water while the boats bobbed up and down against their docks.  As I sat on the concrete structures available to the public taking in the sights (buildings, water, sunset) of one of the greatest cities I’ve lived in, I almost didn’t want to go back inside to the show.  I’m glad I did though because Clark was about to come on next.

Now with Clark, it was easy to see that he was producing his style of broken beat, glitch hop and some good ol’ fashion electronica in real time.  No pre-recorded sounds here.  He was manning what looked like 4 separate machines.  Maybe a couple sampler/soundboxes, a computer, mixer and some MIDI triggers.  He glided from side to side behind his gear looking like his mind was moving faster than his hands would allow.  He would bring elements of the trax in and out with the fade, tap, twist or push of a knob/button.  Mashing up sounds and textures until his cohesive beat banged.  Sh*t was ill!  I didn’t recognize many of the trax as I only had 1 of his projects but from what I heard and saw from Clark tonight made him bona fide in my eyes.  “I wish I could be every where there was art”. -AV>

Artist/Event = 4/5       Weather = 4.2/5       Location = 4.5/5

* Warp20 Closing Party featuring Jamie Lidell /Born Ruffians / The Hundred in the Hands @ Le Poisson Rouge, (158 Bleecker St.) 11p 4 $10 adv


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