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September 13, 2009, 12:15 am
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* Future Classic Festival @ SOHO Studios (2136 N.W 1st Ave, Miami, FL) 4p-2a 4 $25-$35

<Ahh…home sweet home…

Nicobra and I had just had a pretty aggressive week.  We painted NYC blood red 6 out of the 7 last days so I had the idea of coming home to Miami for a little R & R.  A vacation from my vacation – if you will.  But, when I got into town there was this event called the Future Classic Festival (pretty ambitious name right) and based on the website it was a one of a kind party that I hadn’t seen around these parts.  Here was a chance to rep my city and support something that will hopefully support the arts in general.

Side-beef: One of my main complaints about Miami is the way it deals with all the art cultures.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of interest, taxes or budgets but I can count on one hand how many events the city plans, puts on or promotes.  The lack of support for the arts is unbelievable.  We build one opera house and we suddenly think we are London.  When have you ever seen “The City of Miami or Miami-Dade County presents….” ?  Eggsactly.

Having gotten the chance to look at my beloved city from the outside, I have come to realize that Miami really is like a party.  People from all over the country swing by the ATM  machines for some cash, put on their new outfits, spritz themselves with their favorite fragrances and hit the town ready to drink, smoke, pop, snort and/or shoot some sh*t.

From restaurant premiers, celebrity DJs (wtf is that), Art Basel to the WMC and topless beaches…people come here to thrown down.  And for good reason.  However, like with any party there is the clean up phase.  Someone has to throw away the pizza that’s been spinning on the turntable all morning, clean up the yellow/brown-greenish goo off the floor and change the sheets.  And here is where the great residents of this city come in.  While the spring breakers, celebs and record execs are on the red eye to their next debauchrous night in another city, Miamians are left searching for what lasting effects the party really served.  Yea, it raises our profile as a party town (like people didn’t know already) but it seems to me that the ones who are really profiting from it are hotels, bars, clubs…places where you would go to blow your money.  What about the individuals grinding on a daily basis to make sure the grass is cut, that CDs are stacked on shelves or that the bank doors are opened the following morning?  What about putting on an event at Bicentennial Park once a week (or even a month) with Black Moth Super Rainbow, Major Lazer or Kid Cudi (examples) headlining for FREE…on the city…as a gesture that we not only appreciate regular folk but also reward them for keeping such a nice place…well, uh…nice.  I’m not gonna front though…we seem to THRIVE on the abuse.  But I get it…I mean it’s better than growing up in Charlotte, NC right?  But still…the culture that has been bred for this type of short sighted, under supported night life/promoting leaves a mark that 1 event can’t iron out immediately.

Anyway, back to the party…

It was fresh to see the promo material for the event….music, art, dancing, multimedia productions and skate ramps.  Guwow!  The venue was dope.  I walked into a airplane hanger-sized warehouse that took up a whole city block.  The entrance to the main room had various art exhibits where you could see a handful of visual artists dressing canvases and nude models with their brushstrokes.  Merchants had set up tables selling wares from CD/vinyl to T-shirts alongside the painters creating a corridor of installations that lead up to the Main stage area.

There was a side room attached to this main space where a collection of local DJs rotated – taking their turn at connecting their laptops (actually I did see 1 vinyl DJ) to show the crowd what kind of music they prefer.  The music here ranged from what sounded like 60’s soul to Major Lazer’s latest offering.  It was a consistent room that allowed party goers the chance to decompress, take a load off and just chit chat with fellow attendees.  There was a 2nd stage set up outside where it seemed the real party was at.  When I peeked out there, a crowd was bunched up at the front of the stage taking in the sounds of an alternative latin (shocker!) rock band.

I wasn’t sure if the turn out for the event was low or if the space was just too big or maybe everyone had left already, but it was very easy to move around.  I’m not complaining.  Evening during the pinnacle of the night (which I assume was N.E.R.D) I could have walked up to the stage, looked Pharell right in the eye and asked “why?”.  Why are The Neptunes so good while NERD sucks deeeez?!

N.E.R.D (No one Really Ever Dies)…really?!….which is unfortunate because I.R.W.D (I Really Wanted to Die) during their set.  Better yet…I was P.S.T.K.M (Pretty Sure They were Killing Me) with the way the group sounded.  The music that exploded out of the speakers was soooo harsh.  The mids and highs were cranked so loud that they drowned out the bass (is that even possible?).  Who was mixing this show?  The cruel sounds were so piercing that the longer they played the further I found myself moving from the stage.  Now I must say, I am not a NERD fan in the sense that I have purchased any of their albums…but I do love me some music.  And I have heard their singles.  But, even my favorite track “Everbody Knows” came off sounding like I ate the original version, crapped it out, passed it on a plate to Skateboard Pete and then they played it.  The group can say they have a high energy show all they want but to me their chemistry/set was very amateurish.  If I wasn’t a fan before….I officially crossed over into haterdom after.

The line up that was presented tonight also did a disservice to the local arts by only showcasing acts that skewed towards the latino culture.  Ok, I know it is Miami but there are other communities and cultures running through the 305.  Caribbean people, Jews and (for crying out loud) even Iggy Pop reside here.  There has to be more.  But, it’s much easier to pigeonhole my hometown as some Miami Sound Machine-loving, hump like rabbit, talk with your hands -latin community.  Example) Pharell and some of his band were the only black dudes here tonight.  WTF?!

I really loved what the organizers were trying to do.  I had high hopes that this party would start a snowball effect that would take over MIA this winter.  I was hoping that this would be just one of the official parties whose goal was to prove to the world that we are more than fad driven ravers.  Unfortunately, I don’t think promoters were ready to break out of their “local” box for this one.  Their ambition was huge which is very commendable however, the execution seemed to be lacking.  The party felt like a bigger version of their weekly niche parties…like a mega-I/O night or something.  I didn’t feel like it encompassed the full artistic lifestyle culture that was promoted.  But maybe I was just late (the party was from like 4p to 4a).

There was certainly a lot of stimuli around every corner.  I walked in excited to see what “we” were about but throughout the night that excitement got moist to the point I was just getting tired and looking forward to leaving.  The overall vibe seemed less chill than I would have liked or imagined.  In closing, I’m trying to think of a way to sum it all up and the only word that keeps popping into my head is…blah.  -AV>


+ Awesome New Republic

+ Gamblerz Break Dancing Crew

+ No beer line (it looked like everyone was under 21)

Artist/Event = 2.7/5       Weather = 2.6/5       Location = 4/5


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I must agree that NERD sounded like junk. I have heard that place is known for having a wack ass sound system and am not sure why they don’t do something about it. I am not a NERD fan but saw them last year in Miami Beach with Common and they through a good show. I was surpised and sure they would Rick the house thus time but…ahhhh NO! It was a disappointment. I left there with my ears literally ringing until the next morning. I enjoyed the local acts and think the organizers did a poor job with the logistics. I had no clue who was performing in what stage and on top of that they bumped out one of the main acts Afrobeta because they fell behind 2 hrs. Besides that it was the best show ever!

Comment by Crobro MIA

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