inside the actor’s studio with JBJ…..and Co.
October 21, 2009, 2:25 pm
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<That’s right…you read correctly…I got the chance to bask in Mr. John Francis Bongiovi, Jr’s  warm Italian-American glow.  oh and James Lipton was there…and if you can imagine he is even less funny in real life than on the show.  Many of the jokes that are edited out fall on deaf ears. Or you got the kiss ass acting students looking to brown nose with a chuckle at his lame attempts.

I lied about seeing bon jovi in 80 whatever…slippery when wet tour…what the hell is an 8 yr old gonna be doing at a show.  what an idiot.

but nvr really got to see them….

Pleasent surprise – whole band was there

started w/ new track

Then, Runaway – hit – band formed – 2nd album – no hits, poor – 3rd album, slippery – vancover – breakthrough – all that is rock n roll plus some – retarded multi mutli millionaires – tour for 3 yrs – more money – New Jersey – even more money – more rock n roll – money – burnout – blaze of glory – JBJ time – solo number 1 hits – acting – some more hits – royalties – arena football –  top it off with a dash of money – blah, blah , blah…

relatively quick sorta disjointed account from here

each member got a lil shine

surprised by keyboardist (dave) talent and side projects…even tico for that matter

started with song

flow kind of stuttered but it was for tv

Western accent

stupid ill sounding voice

hard to hear these guys complain about anything

interesting to hear about writing/recording process

consummate professionals – even when producers of show didn’t record the audio for one song…they were asked to play it again and did so with an immediate ‘alright’ only to get bothered when sound techs couldn’t get issue figured out…

harmonies b/w sambora and jbj sound great

small repeat takes

jbj apparently likes acting and tico likes acting school only not actually acting

they prob told these stories a thousand time but whether it was b/c they like james lipton, the bravo show, cameras, acting or whatever….the dredging up of all these past experiences and memories in a collective way did give off a certain vibe that the guys were opening up or at least being sensitive to their well traveled road and I  guess their appreciation of it.  This would not only talked about by the guys in the band but on a couple songs it seemed like they were trying to immortalize this episode and be another notch in their every growing lists of achievements.

3.5 hrs is hard to ask of anyone


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