bbb & y…crobro-fest NY 2009
November 10, 2009, 4:50 pm
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Thurs.  Nov 5 – B-Day @ Marriott’s The View and Remi

< Cuba Libres in the rotating room.  Prosecco and chocolate strawberries with a 375ml of 12 yr Macallan as a gift at the after afta…33 is the place to be.  Thanks for having me Ma! >

Fri. Nov 6 – Yankee Parade, Peter Luger’s, Subway Inn, Guggenheim After Dark (hour long wait?! – bust), Webster Hall (forgot to RSVP for $1 – bust) and Village Underground

< It’s not everyday that the city you live in wins championships (ahem…it happened with the NY Giants 2 yrs ago but who’s keeping up).  Ticket tape at City Hall.  Missed Jay-Z’s performance because we didn’t know but the Best burger EVER was had!  No lie.  Better than P.J Clarke’s, Corner Bistro and J.G Mellon’s.  Word.  And the bacon…drool….roll me home – I’m done.  Two sold out parties later that night but Elefabri and The Village Underground Band came through with a late night jam session.  >

Sat. Nov 7 – Brooklyn Museum w/ DJ Evil Dee

< Never thought I’d see the day where Evil Dee spins Madonna’s “Lucky Star”…are we really in Brooklyn?!  But I guess – I get it…it was a family affair and the vibe was nice.  Dance floor was jumping but the hashassin had me sitting. >

Sun. Nov 8 – West Village, Union Square and “It’s so Choice”

< Lower NY  tour, beefing and breaking at Union and shwhiskeer (shots of whiskey and beer) all night!  You know how we doooz! >

Mon. Nov 9 – Tacos @ La Posada, Empire State Building and Bison Burgers @ Galaxy Diner

< Day of rest. >

Tues. Nov 10 – Prefuse 73 @ Le Poisson Rouge…Everything she touches turns Alexian

< Prefuse is 3 for 6 in live shows for me.  This one goes in the loss column.  How many chances am I gonna give this f88kin guy?!  His studio music is sooo good though.  Tonight’s set was a mix of  digital files and triggered effects as he and a 2nd dude created on the fly noisescapes that barely touched any of 73’s original recordings.  It was a little too experimental for me.  Some kid at the show had come all the way from Boston to see this set.  I think Pre owes him some cheese but then again it was free.  >

Wed. Nov 11 – intro-du-cing the Ghost.  FACE.  KILLAAHHhh!!!!!!….with special special guests Blue and Exile (2008 Best Hip Hop Album…deets)

< With a catalog of trax as deep as Ghost’s I guess you could expect him to only do 16 bars of most of them.  As you can imagine, that style broke up the flow of the performance which itself left things to be desired.  Tony Starks himself had the energy and charisma to keep things moving but his desire to get through as many cuts as possible and give the people their money’s worth (very commendable) sort of hurt his set.  With a better stage show, more complete songs and a a dash of entertainment, Ghost can start making people see that hip hop can successfully be done live (see The Roots).  Oh yea…and these promoters f88kin suck!  Part of the reason I was hyped about this show was that Blu & Exile were on the bill.  Not only were they pulled from the night but no one was even informed.  Booooo! >


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Some great dancing at the end of the show as well!

Comment by Erica Miriam Fabri

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